The innovation in pilot training


The g-force trainer is a simulator which was specially designed for advanced training for paragliding pilots. The reasons behind the development of this simulator are realistic and riskless training possibilities for the most important and most efficient descending method, the spiral dive. With these facts, it is now possible to learn safe dynamic handling and reduce the number of accidents.
The g-force trainer is controlled directly from the pilots via the brake lines. The hanger assembly is designed in a way that weight shifting can also be used for control.
The pilot moves around several rotary axes’, like in a real flight, and gets into the same position as in a spiral dive. With increasing the bank attitude, the pilot turns around his vertical axes in the deep spiral.

Together with an especially developed training program, pilots are able to learn to withstand high g-forces. A new kind of SIV course, which will get important in the future!

With the G-Force Trainer it is possible to feel g-force up to 7.5 g´s!

So this training device is not only intresting for paragliding pilots...



















World Champion Bruce Goldsmith: "I saw that there was a genuine improvement in the safety of the pilots that had been on the G force trainer and that it was at least as useful as doing a SIV course."




Locations in EUROPE

From 2012, four G-Force Trainers are in operation in europe, mobile machines ready to use, can be shipped worldwide!


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