Dates and registration

To carry out the training, there are no weather-related limitations! 


The application can either be done by phone or email 
Please give us your desired dates. We will clarify the date as soon as possible and let you know immediately.

The next training dates: 

On request

Groups of 5 persones and more with shared reservation receive a discount of 10% per person











It is useful to make the G-Force training BEFORE a safety training. A safety training is recommeded, but need not follow immediately.

The G-Force training is recommended by the DHV.



Spezial Training Spiral (1-day training)

Briefing on the "G-Force Trainer"

Individually tailored training up to load factors of about 4 to 5g
About 20 to 30 training units are conducted on the simulator.

If desired, higher G-loads up to max. 7g can be trained.

Learn the sequence of motion for entrance and exit of the spiral dive.

Learn the anti-g straining maneuver to avoid gray out and black out.

Recording and analyzing the data with g-measuring device.

Training to release the reserve parachute under g-load.

Evaluation, debriefing

Training certificate

Attendance at the G-Force Contest

Free - Thermik Magazine - Trial subscription (3 months)

Price 198 (incl. 20% VAT)

*) Price per person for group registration (4 persons or more) 




Repetition basic spiral training (1/2 - day training)

A carried out basic- or VR- spiral training is required.

Attendance at the G-Force contest 

Free - Thermik Magazine - Trail subscription (3-months) on request

Price (incl. 20% VAT)




Advanced-Training (Basic Acro maneuvers)

This training is in preparation and will cover centrifugal loads up to 7.5 g, asymmetric spirals and SAT simulation. 

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